Online Cremation Arrangements

If a death has occurred. Please contact us at 519-776-7565

We have the ability to offer you a way to sign everything you need to in the comfort of your home from your tablet, smartphone or computer. We just need a little information from you to get started.  

We'll help you gather the information on the phone or through emails. Once we obtain everything we need you will have to send us some things. Such as your indentification and a copy of the deceased's will indicating who's the executor. Once we receive everything by email or fax, we will prepare the documents and email for signing. That's it.

If someone has passed away it's always best to call us first at 519-776-7565.  Once we have gathered all of the required information then we will send documents to you via a valid email address. Our email for sending items to us is [email protected]   

The person who can make decisions is the executor. If there's no will, the legal next of kin can authorize the cremation. We may ask for proof of identity. Below is the next of kin order. If you are unsure of how this affects you we recommend completing a will and naming an executor. Avoid confusion and make your will.

  1. Spouse
  2. Children
  3. Grandchildren
  4. Great-grandchildren
  5. Father or Mother
  6. Brothers or Sisters
  7. Grandparents
  8. Uncles, Aunts, Nephews, Nieces
  9. Collateral relatives (cousins etc.)